Morning Happiness

Someday, when they are closer to the road I travel to work every day, I will take a picture of “my” little herd of friends who make me smile whenever I pass them. With Spring right around the corner, the teeny little kids, who are new this year, can be seen jumping and running in and out of the rest of the herd. They are so lively and playful! They always warm my heart and make me smile. It’s a wonderful way to start off my day.

Today was cloudy, so I didn’t see one, but on sunny mornings, my interstate route takes me through a mountain pass and the sunrise is always visible right through the middle. Sometimes, it’s spectacular and sometimes it’s not as much so, but it is always something to look forward to.  Other times, I have to wait a little longer to get a glimpse and if it’s really good, I sneak a pic. I know, please don’t lecture me, but how can I not preserve something so beautiful? I promise I am really careful!

God is good and there is always evidence of His love for us. I thank him daily for the ways He shows me each morning that there is something for which to be grateful.



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