“Livinonthecrowrock” – What the heck is that?

We live out in the country. The Crow Rock is a large outcropping of rocks on the side of a hill just south of us on a neighbor’s property. It’s a local landmark that, except for locals, is largely unknown. So, while we don’t live “on” The Crow Rock, we live near it, and in a way, we do live on it.

Out here in the country we have challenges and thrills that are absent in other places where people choose to live. We have limitations and freedoms that aren’t found elsewhere. Sometimes it’s VERY challenging.

We had several strong storm systems come through in the last couple of weeks. The last one did a number on the treeline below our backyard. It had to be something like a micro-burst of wind because there was considerable damage in a concentrated area below us down the hillside. The pics will tell the story of the clean up. It was a long hard day and the DH had already spent a whole day on it and there are probably a couple more in the near future, but now we can mow.

I figgered I’d add a couple others that depict “Livinonthecrowrock.” That might be continued in the next post, too. 🙂 Happy Sunday!

Our new helper.

Our new helper.



IMG_4191 IMG_4196

The end result. We'll use this for mulching some trees, some beds and our gardens.

The end result. We’ll use this for mulching some trees, some beds and our gardens.

Redneck shooting range

Redneck shooting range

Gnarled old apple tree

Gnarled old apple tree


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