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Looking forward to a lot of THIS! Fall colors are the best!


So many things to do- I want to get a coat of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint on an accent table I bought recently for our foyer. I think I am going to use Chateau Grey. I need to work on the 2 banners for my son’s rehearsal dinner on the 22nd. Did I even mention that he is getting married?? I know I am wayyyy behind! I also want to clean this place up some- never ending non-requited desire. I want to spray paint the vintage Easter basket that my little Avery Doodle is going to carry as the flower girl. I thought about a few different choices for baskets, but this one won because it used to be my daughter’s Easter basket as a wee one. Sentimentality wins every time! Here’re the basket and table I will be re-doing:I will keep you posted on the progress.

The basket will get a coat of white paint, a real pink ribbon threaded through where the pink band is at the bottom, one white starfish on each side where the handle connects to the body, ribbons trailing down from there with tiny sand dollars at the ends. They are getting married at the beach.  🙂

Oh! One last thing I wanted to share with you! A friend emailed it to me and it was such a good idea, I thought it had to be shared, so after I post it here, I’ll be putting it on my Pinterest page. 

By the way- Happy Labor Day!